Big problems for a little robot.

Can you find out why you are so alone?

The rain pours down from the sky on a stormy night. Water drops down from the basement ceiling. Can anyone hear them? One of the drops hits a small figure laying on the floor. The electricity chirps and the small figure rises up. We can even think that it became alive. It may think so, if it’s even capable of thinking. It’s all alone in the basement and doesn’t know why. Maybe You can help it find answers to the questions that are not formed yet? Why and from whom it is apart?

Concept Art of Robot

Apart is a 2D puzzle game where player controls a little robot in an old abandoned mansion. The robot solves puzzles and collects nuts in several different rooms. While the game progresses, the robot will recall memories from it’s past and gets a collection of gadgets that help it in it’s puzzles.

Dining Room – Concept Art

Apart is a student project made at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. Dream Cluster is a six member team including 3 programmers, 2 artists and a musician. The game is made by Unity. Images on this site are graphics and concept art from the game.